4 Things to Know About Jeep Extended Warranties

Are you worried about the expiration of the warranty of your Jeep? If yes, then we have got you covered. If the existing contract of your Jeep is going to expire soon, then you get the company will offer you an extended warranty option. A person can opt for this plan after the existing plan expires. But the question is, is it a good form of investment? In this article, we will be sharing a lot of information regarding the extended assurance of the Jeep.

Jeeps are mainly made for people who love off-roading, which is why it tends to get rougher and need more protection. Therefore, an extended assurance is a worthy investment for such people. This post will cover all the necessary information that you must know before getting an extended warranty for your Jeep.

Things to Know About Jeep’s Extended Warranty

1. Things covered under the extended warranty:

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Primarily it covers the repairs related to the mechanical failures till your Jeep runs up to 1,50,000 miles. There are typically two plans offered under this assurance, one is the maximum care plan, and the other is the added care plus. The first one covers up to five thousand mechanical components, whereas the second one covers only 800 mechanical parts.

These extended assurances are issued by a third-party company known as the Mopar. And under this warranty, only original parts manufactured by Mopar are used for the repairs, and to do this, expert technicians are hired. If you want some more insights related to this topic, then kindly check out jalopnik.com.

The best part of such warranties is that people know what is included and excluded, as clearly mentioned in the contracts. If we talk about the maximum care plan, then the labor and parts below are included.

  • Maintenance services
  • Plastic and glass lenses
  • Paint and body items
  • Wear and tear parts such as brake pads, rotors, shoes, manual clutch assembly, belts, drums, etc.
  • Winches, trailer hitches, and snowplows
  • Steering wheels, power sliding door motors, heating seats, etc.

On the other hand, the added care plus plan includes repairing the 800 mechanical components that include transmission, steering, engine, drive system, brakes, electrical, instrumentation, AC, etc. This plan can be extended up to 8 years.

2. Cost of the extended assurance:

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Various dealers offer these extended warranties, and you can directly purchase them from them. The best part is that you can buy it in installments. If you get it when you buy your Jeep, you can fold the expense into your month-to-month vehicle installment.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you buy an MVP plan after your beginning date, you need to pay for it independently. Notwithstanding the expense of the arrangement, you might be on the snare for a $200, $100, or $0 deductible. The sum relies upon the kind of plan you select. However, generally, the cost of such warranties ranges between 2000-4000 dollars.

Most Jeep service contract plans are transferable to resulting proprietors for a $50 charge. Another advantage both principle plans incorporate is Trip Interruption Protection. Under this arrangement, Jeep’s service agreement will cover $1,000 for dinners, housing, and rentals if your vehicle stalls because of a failure of the covered part.

You must be somewhere around 100 miles from home to guarantee this advantage, however. These advantages lapse once your odometer arrives at 100,000 miles.

3. Eligibility to get extended warranty:

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The first point to note to be eligible for any of the aforementioned plans is that your vehicle should be within four years of its in-service date and has covered not more than 48,000 miles. Remember that the extended warranty period begins from the time you purchase it. Not able to understand this? Let us take an example.

For instance, if you purchase the extended assurance plan when your standard warranty period is still not over, both warranties will overlap. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to wait until the existing coverage gets three years old so that the overlapping period will be one year only. Also, if you are thinking of waiting beyond this period, you won’t get this extended warranty.

4. Some additional perks of getting an extended assurance:

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It additionally gives emergency aides through its Mopar Vehicle Protection plans. This incorporates towing, a punctured tire change (with an extra you effectively own), a battery hop, fuel conveyance (only two gallons), and lockout benefits up to $100 per event. Emergency aides cover towing and different administrations in circumstances where the production line guarantee doesn’t cover your vehicle.

Both MVP plans will repay you up to $1,000 for housing, dinners, and vehicle rental costs if your Jeep stalls because of failure of any of its mechanical components (as long as it’s covered under the assistance contract). However, remember that this advantage is only when your vehicle gets stopped within 100 miles from your house.

One of the principal advantages of this maintenance agreement is the significant serenity that your costs will not out of nowhere spike. While quite possibly you will not have to utilize the guarantee to its maximum capacity, there’s additionally a possibility that it will save you from a maintenance charge that could cost thousands.

One more advantage with the Mopar Vehicle Protection plans is that you can move them one chance to another proprietor if the excess guarantee is additionally moved. This can be an engaging component for likely purchasers. Most states require a $50 expense for this exchange.


This warranty inclusion is thorough and generally decently estimated, and it’s a pleasant advantage to have the option of repairs. Be that as it may, inclusion is simply accessible up to 150,000 miles. Drivers who need to buy inclusion after they are presently not qualified for a Jeep extended assurance ought to consider outsider suppliers. You can begin your search for such suppliers on the internet.

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